Below is a list of our vendors indicating our wide range of product offerings.

Abbott Rubber Co – Hoses and fittings

Safety Boot

Advanced Concrete Tools – Concrete screed

AirKing Industrial Products – Air Movers

American Pneumatic Tool – Jackhammers and Drills

American Power Pull

American Wire Tie, Inc – Tie wire and epoxy tire wire

B&A Manufacturing Co – Drill bits, Wood Augers

Bil-Jax, Inc – Scaffolding and Walk boards

Boss Manufacturing Co – Glove


Brunner & Lay – Demolition Tools Pneumatic

Calculated Industries, Inc – Construction master four calculators

  Carnie Cap Inc – Rebar caps


CLC Custom Leather Craft – Tool pouches and tool bags

Columbus McKinnon Corp – Chain, hooks and shackles

Coleman Cable, Inc – Extension cords and GFI’s

Czar Welding, Inc – Concrete Tools

Diamond Products Inc – Diamond bits and blades

Dickie Tool Company – Traffic signs

Edge Eyewear

Empire Level Manufacturing Co – Levels and string

Edco Equipment Development Co – Surface grinders and scarifiers

Estwing Manufacturing Co – Hammers

Fein Power Tools

Freud Tools

Fulton – Sawhorses and work benches

General Equipment Co – Ventilators elec. & gas

Global Caster Corp

Granite Scafford

 Guardian Fall Protection

Haivala Concrete Tools – Concrete tools and accessories

Healer Products Division – First Aid Kits

Hitachi Power Tools

Iowa Fulton MFG

Irwin Industrial Tool Corp.

Justrite Manufacturing Co.

Keson Industries, Inc – Chalk

Klein Tools, Inc – Ironworker Tools

Knaack Manufacturing Co – Job site storage boxes

Kraft Tool Co – Concrete tools and accessories

Leica Geosystems Lasers

Lenox – Recipe blades and hole saws

 Louisville Ladder

Lyon Workspace Products

Magnolia Brush Manufacturing Inc. – Brooms and brushes

Marion Brush Manufacturing Inc.

Marshalltown – Concrete tools and accessories

Marv Post Enterprises – Speed lead

Master Lock Company

MBW, Inc – Concrete finishing and compaction

Metabo Corp. – Angle grinders and hammer drills

Metal Forms – Sterling Wheelbarrows for Contractors

Midwest Rake Co. – Concrete cumalong

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp – Power tools and accessories


The M.K. Morse Company – bandsaw blades – Special orders

Morlin Manufacturing Inc. – Sheet metal hammer – Pittsburgh locks

Motorola – Two way radios

Mine Safety Appliances Co. – Body harness


My-Te Products Inc – Cable hoist

 Powers Fasteners

National Marker Co. Safety signs

Newborn brothers Co., Inc. – Caulkgun

Norseman Drill Co. – Drill bits and indexes

Occidental Leather Inc. – Tool pouches

Oztec Industries – Concrete vibrators


Prime Resins, Inc. – Concrete grout and epoxies

Qualtool, Inc. – Apex bits and nut drivers

Quickpoint inc. – Electric tuckpointer tool

Rack-Strap, Inc. – Tie down

Rayovac Corporation – Batteries, flashlights & compressors

R & M Hoist


Revco Industries Inc. – Gloves

Ridge Tool Company – Ridgid pipe tools

Rolair Compressors

Safety Flag Co. – Safety Vests

Safety Boot Guardrail

Safeway Slings USA, Inc. – Nylon and wire rope slings

 Sensible Products

Shave Away Europe – Dust collecting, grinders & saws

Shop Vac Corporation – Vacuum cleaners

SOFF Cut International – Green concrete saw

The Sherwin Williams Co. – Spray on marking paint

Specco Industries, Inc. – Concrete grout

Stabila inc. – Levels

Stanley Tools Product Group – hand Tools and knives

Sterling Handling Equipment – Wheelbarrows


Surface Shields

TNT Tools, Inc. – Tile probes and manhole hooks

Tenryu America Inc.




Tsurumi America, Inc. – Generators and pumps

U-Mark Inc

United Tape – Duct tape

U.S. Anchor Corporation – Concrete epoxy anchors

Weber Machine U.S.A.

Wobble Light LLC

Wright Tool Co. – Wrenches and sockets

Young Bros. Stamp Works Inc.